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    Why i made Anziety?


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    Why i made Anziety?

    Post by alejof15 on Sun May 20, 2018 10:11 am

    If your reading this then you probably found this forum thanks for joining us XD
    anyways i made anziety as a way to connect people with anziety and allow for a disccusion about the subject happen in a happy and friendly environment
    Here are some rules for yall to follow
    1. Don't attack others
    2. Listen to everyones point of view
    3. No hate or dark jokes
    4. Joking outside of the joking discussion won't be tolerated
    5. listen to staff all decisions are final
    6. Nothing +18 or gore NSFW not allowed!!!!
    If you don't follow the rules a ban will happen and account termination

    Enjoy anziety XD!! Laughing

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